Errol and I met in nursing school ( I know!!!) what attracted me most to him was his goofiness. He has such a fun personality, which I cannot get enough of. We dated for about 6 years before taking the next step. We understand each other like no one does. We’re each other’s best friends. We already knew we wanted to be together. It was our day off together and we had planned a trip to San Francisco. Errol surprised me with a helicopter tour of the city. When we landed and were having our picture taken, all of a sudden I see him getting on his knee and a little blue box in his hand. I immediately started to cry. I was beyond excited and surprised!!! It was just perfect.The most memorable party about my wedding day was seeing my parents happy and by my side. Nothing made my heart smile more than seeing them smile and enjoy the big day with me.

  • From the beginning I knew I wanted to keep things very simple and elegant. I wanted the main focus of our wedding to be US…so I went with a more romantic theme. With having such busy schedules DIY was not an option. Aubrey saw my vision and brought it to life.

Venue: Grand Island Mansion | Photography: XSIGHT | Dessert: Ettores | Flowers: Posh Posey | Beauty: Harpreet | DJ: Showtime Entertainment | Officiant: Will Huttunen | Invites: Throne Invitations