Our Process

Step 1:

Let’s be friends!

We start every meeting accompanied by a cozy cup of coffee or a little bubbly, and begin chatting about the vision for your special day. We‘ll explain our process in detail, layout a game plan for planning and answer all questions you have while making sure you feel comfortable with the steps ahead. We truly love to connect with our couples and learn about their lives, from your engagement story + relationship to your favorite cocktails, movies and dog’s name, we want to know it all!! In the months ahead not only will we become your wedding planner, but also your emotional support person, shoulder to cry on (happy tears), sounding board for when you need to vent, personal advocate and so much more. Just call us your Wedding BFF.

Step 2:


Let’s secure a vendor dream team for your wedding! Your vendor selections are a match making process for us, we take the time to make sure you are paired with the perfect pros! There are many factors that go into this, the key factors being budget, style, and personality. Speaking of budget, our Collection 01 and 02 brides will have a detailed and personally curated budget created for them, tracking all financial elements of your big day. Maintaining a budget is one of the most important steps during the planning process, we want to ensure we are staying within the guidelines you are comfortable with.

Step 3:


Our favorite part! We carefully curate design boards personalized for your wedding. Design documents include dreamy inspiration photos, hand picked rental items, color palettes, attire, floral details and overall aesthetics. This helps you to visualize your wedding day and get a feel for the vibe. When creating your design we are always mindful, making sure we align the design with your budget.

Step 4:

It’s all in the details

The production plan. We create a in depth digital layout of your ceremony + reception space. This serves as a map of the event and depicts how we will execute your vision. Our day-of timeline is our bible!! We include all vendor arrival times, beauty services, pre-ceremony festivities, and special photos, along with every step and event of your wedding, from beginning to end, down to the minute. Vendors also use this timeline as their guide and we work together as a team to keep the day on schedule. We carefully manage all details so you can relax and enjoy the process.

Step 5:

Let’s do this thing!

We live for wedding days. There is nothing better than helping our clients with the best day of their lives. It’s what we have been planning for, right? At this point in the process, we will know your hopes, dreams, fears, and what you are most excited for on your day. We are here to make all of that seamlessly successful. From vendor management, to setup, we will even deliver lunch to you and your wedding party! Whatever your needs, we are your go to girls. We are the first ones in and the last ones standing at the end of the night as we collect your shoes + veil and pack a few slices of cake in a to-go box for you to enjoy later. The truth is, we are romantics at heart, shedding tears as you walk down the aisle and dedicating ourselves to giving you the day you’ve dreamed of. We love the fast pace, we work well under pressure and we are triple checkers by nature. Let’s begin planning!