Blueprint is an awesome online wedding registry that allows you to register for anything, literally anything! I signed up for “research purposes” {cough:: for the fun of it ::cough} and it was so easy. I was swooning over the ‘featured items’ and all the possibilities it offered. Why didn’t they have Blueprint Registry when I got married?!

Here’s why we love it:- It is one stop shopping that allows you to add gifts from any website or store- There is a ‘blueprint button’ (like the ‘pin it’ button on Pinterest) to add items to Blueprint from anywhere- The site lets you add items by room and decorate your home. Enter the details of your house (like how many rooms you have) then virtually click through and add items you’d like for each room. Then watch it place items and design your space for you! (Hence the name Blueprint)- It allows cash gifts to be placed in funds created by you such as; a house fund, honeymoon fund or even the charity of your choice- You can enter your honeymoon information and register for fun things to do on your honeymoon like zip lining! Guests can also purchase other honeymoon items such as hotel nights, dinners and spa treatments.- There are categories and a ‘favorites’ section so guests know what items you like and need most- It allows for group gifts so guests can go in on larger items together- After registering the site creates a custom URL for you to share with your family and friends- Two weeks after your wedding it sends you a detailed list of who purchased what- making thank you cards so much easier!Check it out!

{Rachele, Sacramento Wedding Planner}