A new year means new trends, and it’s our job here at Alluring to keep our brides up to date on the latest and greatest wedding styles and fashions.  Lets start with colors.  Choosing wedding colors can be a tedious and sometimes intimidating task.  The colors you chose define your wedding and set the vibe for the entire event. After researching and looking into the new year, there are a few color palettes that have taken the lead for 2015. Plum & Muted Pink, Plum & Grey, Plum & Navy Blue, Plum & Gold, and Plum & Cream.  Notice a pattern? Plum has definitely takes the cake for 2015.  It’s a deep, rich, and vibrant color that embodies romanticism at its finest.  Pair it with a muted, soft, and neutral color for a whimsical spring wedding.  Or, with another dark tone, like Navy Blue, for an eloquent winter wedding.

{Lauren, Sacramento Wedding Planner}