Napkin Folds

Like I said in my last post… Details matter! It’s the small intentional details that make a difference and leave guests saying things like “did you see this?!”, “how cool was that?!”, “what a great idea!”. Not all décor has to be extravagant or expensive and, as promised, I am continuing to show you simple ways you can add personality to your wedding in unexpected places.Who would have thought something as insignificant as a napkin could add so much detail to your table!?  They are often looked over, but they can be such a fun element and bring nice detail into your design.  We love this simple concept because it is not an added expense- you are going to have napkins anyways, so why not make them work for you?!Not only can you have fun with the material, print and color of your napkins to add accents and pops, but you can also play around with the napkin fold and add texture and depth to each place setting.When you start looking into napkin folds there are literally hundreds of options, so I have narrowed them down to a few of Alluring Event and Design’s favorites. As always, we love unique touches and personalized details and napkin folds are another way to bring in the ‘wow factor’ in a subtle yet noticeable way.{Rachele, Sacramento Wedding Planner}Knot | Bow | Rolled | Triple Pocket | Diamond Pouch | Ruffled | Wrapped