Who knew you could make your own chalk boards, with frames you love, cut to size and on the cheap!? Apparently the girls at Alluring Events have known for a while, and I thought it was time all of you brides, momma’s, teachers, bridesmaids, decorators and DIYers knew too! The trick? Thrift store frames, chalkboard sheets from Home Depot and a little TLC. I was on a mission to make a chalkboard for one of our lovely brides to be, so I took pictures of my efforts and tried to show you my steps in the photos below…

Basically, to sum it up… Thrift stores carry frames of every shape and size and they are usually super inexpensive! Find a frame that needs a little TLC and personalize it to your liking. Head to Home Depot, ask their friendly staff where they keep their 2×4 foot sheets of chalkboard and have the nice Home Depot helper cut the chalkboard for you. If you bring the frame or have the dimensions with you they will use their awesome plywood-cutting machine and cut your chalkboard sheet to fit to the exact size of your frame in a matter of seconds- it is sooo great and really helpful! You can most likely make 2 or 3 chalkboards with one chalkboard sheet.

Chalkboards are so popular and have been really prevalent in weddings the last few years, and I’ll share a secret with you: they aren’t going anywhere!! So why not make a few for yourself or as gifts!

At Alluring Events we have a few girls who are crazy talented in chalk board art and they love customizing boards for weddings, showers and parties. Below are just two examples of the adorable and DIY chalk boards that were made and decorated by our Alluring ladies.

{Rachele, Sacramento Wedding Planner}