Hanging décor and centerpieces are EVERYTHING right now. They are whimsical, dreamy, eye catching, fun, definitely unforgettable and simply amazing. Hanging centerpieces are not only unique, but it does not require much money or time to get the ‘wow factor’ as well. To prove it I decided to make my own hanging piece and show just how simple it was to create.

I took inspiration from the pictures above and headed to the hardware store with my idea in mind. I came home with a wooden board, some rope and four carabineers and went to work.

It wasn’t long before I had my board cut to size, edges sanded and the stain drying. I love using stain; I think it is so much easier and definitely quicker than painting. Once the stain had dried I drilled four holes through the wood, one in each corner of the board. In order to do this correctly I found a drill bit that was thicker than the rope, that way I knew the hole would be big enough for the rope to fit through. The last step was stringing the rope through each hole and tying it off with a very sturdy knot, then tying another knot at the opposite end that was attached to the carabineers. It was ready to hang and decorate!

My awesome hubby hung the board in our backyard and I put a few flowers on it. I didn’t come close to decorating it as beautifully as the pictures above, but I could see how much potential it had. I decided to use carabineers so I could move the board to different locations and make it easy to put up and take down. (Carabineers have weight limits so make sure and check the package to see how much weight they can hold)

Decorating is the fun part and you can do sooo many different looks with one hanging board. Cover it in flowers, drape it with ribbon, use it to hold a sign or photographs, place vases of all shapes and sizes on it, use it for lanterns, or drill holes in it to hold candles and get that gorgeous candle light glow in the room.

   {Rachele, Sacramento Wedding Planner}