It used to be very known that if you were going to be a guest at a wedding you should be prepared for overcooked chicken and under seasoned vegetables that are entirely overpriced.  Just horrible.  Nothing about weddings are very traditional anymore, and I love it!  These days, wedding food has never been better with so many new out of the box options, like food trucks.  You could hire a food truck for appetizers for cocktail hour or bring one in for a late-night snack towards the end of the night.

“Not only is it fun to have a food truck at your event, it is convenient and unique.  They are a great alternative to conventional cuisine, given that most specialize in a certain type of food.  The diversity of food offered on these trucks is nothing short of incredible.  Some food trucks will allow you to customize your own menu and even name the items being served to your guests.” – My Wedding Reception Ideas 

Or no food truck at all — regardless of where your food comes from, you don’t have to have the traditional “wedding meal”.  Whatever your favorite food is, do that.  It adds another personal touch to your wedding and your guests will thank you!

Brittany {Sacramento Wedding Planner}