Molly and Jay were a dream couple, and their wedding was nothing short of amazing. The wedding took place on her parent’s family farm and was filled with so many personal touches; her Dad built the wooden cocktail tables, bar tops and dessert table, both the mother of the bride and mother of the groom baked the desserts, the groom’s former basketball coach married the couple and a family friend with a nearby farm grew and picked the flowers for the centerpieces. The evening began calm and sweet and later turned into a 3 hour dance party where the bride and groom danced the night away with all of their guests. Molly and Jay really lived in the moment and genuinely soaked in the evening, having so much fun together.One of my favorite moments of the day was the officiate retelling a story about the two of them; Molly’s family owns an ice cream parlor in Sacramento called Leatherby’s where a lot of the desserts are named after family members, Molly even has her own milk shake named “Molly’s Milkshake”. Well, Jay grew up going to Leatherby’s and the only thing he ever ordered was Molly’s Milkshake. Years and years later in college, at Chico State, Molly and Jay met each other for the first time right outside of the gym and started dating. It was then that he realized she was the Molly that Molly’s Milkshake was named after… so you can really say that ‘Molly’s Milkshake brought the boy to the yard’. It was meant to be. Congratulations Molly and Jay, we are so excited for the adventure you are starting together, your wedding was gorgeous and the love and support by family and friends was felt by all.{Rachele, Sacramento Wedding Planner}Buckhorn Catering | Dixon Florist | DJ Rufio | Royal Restrooms | Universal Limousine | Melanie Duerkopp Photography