I love the idea of having a signature drink at a wedding! Either one drink that represents both of you or a pair of his and hers. Its also a great route if you’re feeling unsure as to whether or not you want open bar, closed bar, hard alcohol or just beer and wine. Creating a signature drink is a great way of offering a specific hard alcohol and leaving the rest to beer & wine! The most fun is coming up with a quirky name for your cocktail. Here are a few creative cocktail ideas for your big day! One of my favorites is the classic combo, champagne for the bride and whiskey for her guy. And how cute would these cocktail names look on a chalkboard by the bar?! The Blushing Bride {Peach Schnapps + Champagne} & The Golden Groom {Whiskey + Coke}. If you’re looking to have just one signature drink, a crisp and refreshing cocktail is the Moscow Mule. This would be a great drink of choice for a summer wedding! And bonus; I found the perfect bar sign for it on Etsy! The Moscow Mule {Vodka + Ginger Beer + Wine}A great cocktail that incorporates a play on words could be a “Mint-to-be Mojito” {White Rum + Muddled Mint + Syrup}If you’re tying the knot in the cold winter months you could go a different route with a Hot Toddy. This is a classic wintertime cocktail that never disappoints and would pair perfectly with a snowy backdrop. Hot Toddy {Whiskey + Honey + Lemon + Hot Water}And don’t forget that it’s always nice to offer ‘mocktails’ to the guests that don’t drink alcohol. Something yummy served in stemware! You want to make sure that everyone feels apart of the celebration; regardless of if they drink or don’t drink.{Lauren, Sacramento Wedding Planner}