Here at Alluring Events + Design there is nothing we love more than when a couple really represents themselves at their wedding. Adding personal touches, unique vibes and a style that screams ‘thats so them’ is an awesome way to kick off a lifetime together.

There are so many fun ways to show who you are as a couple, but one in particular has caught our eye… It is for the adventurers, the outdoor lovers, and all those who love to sleep under the stars and dance under the moonlight. A camp themed wedding (when done right) can be a magical and unforgettable affair.

Thanks to Pinterest, and the endless hours of swooning over dreamy images of ‘camp’ themed weddings, we have put together some photos to inspire the adventurer inside of you. You may not have imagined a wedding in the woods to be so elegant… enjoy!

camping wedding1

camping wedding2

camping wedding3