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Twitterpated. That’s is the only way I can express our feelings about this current design element. Remember ‘twitterapted’ from Bambi?‘Twitterpated: To be completely enamored with something; The flighty exciting feeling you get when you think about or see the object of your affection.’That is the perfect definition to express our love of geodes and other raw gemstones, rocks and jewels. They are taking over tablescapes and design elements of weddings and we cannot get enough! From delicate details like napkin rings and jewelry to bold statements like table numbers and plate chargers, geodes are everywhere! They bring such a simplistic, natural and timeless look and feel to an already romantic evening. We are dying to design with these, who is with us!? Cupcakes | Place Setting | Table Number | Name Cards | Wedding Cake | Charger | Ring | Napkin Ring{Rachele, Sacramento Wedding Planner}