Sweaters + Scarves

This winter the team at Alluring Events and Design is hoping to see this wedding trend in full effect; Cozy sweaters and scarves used in Bride and Bridesmaid’s fashion.This is such an easy way to give your wedding personality and a uniqueness and differ yourself from the typical wedding and wedding party ‘look’. Adding sweaters and scarves into your wedding fashion will bring in the cozy and comfortable feel that makes your guests feel relaxed and welcome. It’s the same effect as walking into someone’s home and seeing the fireplace roaring – you automatically feel more at home and comfy. The same goes in weddings – if your guests see warm and comfy bridesmaids they will feel more comfortable staying bundled up, warm, happy and at ease.Not only does it look so pretty with the added textures, layers, colors and variety, but your bridesmaids will definitely thank you! No one likes to freeze and feel uncomfortable with 100 eyes watching them and photos being snapped of their goosebump skin and chattering teeth. So this is a great way to please your best girls and let them wear something they can continue wearing again and again even after the wedding.Take some inspiration from the photos below.{Rachele, Sacramento Wedding Planner}       Photos: Want That Wedding | Ruffled Blog | Botanical Brouhaha | Cup of Jo | Morning Lavender