Congrats! You’ve been chosen as the Best Man! And I’m here to help you be on your best behavior! While movies like the Hangover may lead you astray, I’ll be sure that we get right back on track ; )You’re the top dog and I know you’re stoked, but you’re probably pretty nervous, right? Don’t fret, wedding planners have seen it all when it comes to the Best Man, and this can be your holy grail of the do’s and don’ts!Here are the 2 biggest tips I can offer to the Best ManCommunication:Let’s face it, event planning doesn’t come naturally to most men. Which is why communication with the bride and groom is key. Be straightforward with the groom when finding out what he has in mind or what is off-limits for the bachelor party. Step up and schedule the tuxedo fitting, it will be a huge help! Most importantly, get on the bride’s good side..(she’s got a lot of cute bridesmaids she could help you out with) offer to help pack and unload the heavy décor and set up items the morning of the wedding day, pick up family from the airport, or even make a food run while the girls are getting ready! The little things will go a long way!The Toast:Oh the Best Man Toast, where do we begin? This is your moment, the make or break of all your responsibilities lead up to this task. Here are the most important bullet points to remember when giving your toast…Note cards are always okay, just be sure to not stare at them the entire time.Practice your speech. No, it doesn’t need to be memorized…but please, don’t “wing it” And try your best to not drag on and on.You are not a stand-up comedian. This is a toast, not a roast. Nor is it a trip down memory lane about all of the keg stands you did together in your college years. Remember, there are Grandma’s here!Smile, loosen up, and remember to be respectful of the bride – maybe even throw in a genuine compliment about what a great catch she is.Lastly, include others. Be sure to give a nod to both sets of parents, or whomever raised the bride & groom. Congratulate the newlyweds and raise that glass, you classy man, you!