Have you ever dreamed of a wedding by the sea? Proclaiming your love amidst white stone buildings set into the cliff side, overlooking sparkling waters? Who hasn’t had that fantasy! You may not have a budget of epic proportions or the ability to get your guests to Mykonos + Santorini. You can, however, infuse your wedding, wherever it may be, with Grecian myth and romanticism. Choose neutral, organic decor – white, ivory, wood, greenery – but don’t be afraid to play with different shades, patterns, and metallics. Incorporate varying hues of blue like indigo and azure to remind your guests of the sea – even if you’re miles away. Opt for lush eucalyptus garlands and white floral on dining tables and olive branches draped on chairs or encircling the cake. For fashion, let out your inner god or goddess with natural, flowing fabrics and opulent, metallic accessories. Consider olive oil as the guest favor or olive leaves as an alternative to rose petals or confetti for the ceremony. Above all, enjoy the day! Invitations | Bride | Goblet | Olive Oil | Chair | Tablescape