Having a destination wedding is like a romantic dream. You imagine being in a foreign city, surrounded by jaw dropping scenery with all the people you love. While this sounds like an amazing idea, it just isn’t in the cards for everyone. After one of our wedding planners returned home from a glamorous trip to Bali we got to thinking… How can we bring Bali to us? Now in this new series of upcoming blog posts, we will be giving you inspiration and ideas on how to bring in elements of a destination right at home!  Our first stop: Bali. To transport your guests to Bali, you can add small tropical details and vibrant colors to make a big effect. Cocktail hour can consist of drinking out of coconuts and lounging in tents. Try incorporating bamboo chairs as well as palm leaves into the florals. Make your guests forget they actually only live 20 minutes down the road! However, the most important part of a Bali wedding is to have a free spirit. The people of Bali are in the moment and care free, so maybe look into a wedding planner to make sure that you can sit back and enjoy your wedding day—Bali style!((Montana)) Leaf Picture | Flower Picture | Ceremony Alter Picture