The West has always been mesmerized by the exotic, colorful culture of Morocco. From movies like Casablanca, to modern day Sex in the City, Morocco is the background for many love stories. Now your wedding can feel like it’s in the colorful markets of Marrakech, without your guests having to fly for twenty- four hours. From the moment guests arrive at the ceremony you can make them feel transported (with a few tricks). The key is to play with different textiles to create a unique ceremony feel. Having a macramé alter in juxtaposition with a Turkish rug will create a bohemian feel unlike anything found in the U.S. Another trick is to add lanterns throughout the ceremony. Hanging lanterns at the end of the aisle and scattering a few at the alter will add an amazing finishing detail. You can also then repurpose these lanterns at your reception to save money! For a more alternative reception, guests can sit at tables low to the floor on top of cushions. This adds a fun flair and offers a truly unique experience for your guests, ensuring they remember your special day for a lifetime! Imagine filling the space with rugs, lanterns, textiles and gold accents to have a consistent theme throughout. In addition, this theme allows you to experiment and have freedom with color! Get inspired by the spice markets of Marrakech and the Atlas Mountains behind Fez. With Morocco’s one of a kind location, you will find a mixture of both Mediterranean and desert influence, opening your big day up to a world of creative possibility! Spice Picture | Alter Picture | Lanterns Picture | Pillow Picture | Bride + Groom Picture | Hanging Lantern Picture