Flower crowns are a huge trend right now, and they are also so easy, you can do them yourself!  I love them so much, I made one for my daughter just for fun.  I wanted it to last so we went to Michael’s and bought fake flowers.  I wanted to keep the colors simple so I went with soft coral flowers for a pop of color and then filled it in with white and greens.  Besides the flowers, the only other supplies you need are wire cutters and green wire and then the fun begins!  I just started piecing the flowers together and when you get a section to look the way you like, you just wrap the wire around it and it stays in place.  Keep placing and wrapping the whole way around and then you have a beautiful flower crown that won’t die.  There are so many different kinds you can make and many different way, but this way was very quick, easy, and beautiful!

 {Brittany, Sacramento Wedding Planner}