A lot of us girls at Alluring Events are HUGE dog people! With the growing trend of including dogs in weddings we thought we’d show a few ways to do so! First: dog ring bearer. This gives your dog more of a spotlight and he/she will be an extremely important role in the ceremony. I mean, who wouldn’t love to see a dog with a flower wreath bouncing down the aisle?!  Want to take it one step further? Add a miniature table at the reception with your dog’s favorite kibble. I mean, a dog’s gotta eat right?! Maybe your venue doesn’t allow animals, one way to incorporate your pooch is to include them in your cake topper. Another way: a lot of people are including their dogs into their engagement shoots, so it is a perfect way to display some pictures on your wedding day. Having a photo booth? Make some dog cut outs to ensure your best friend is included in every picture! Photography: Audrey Normam Photography