Wedding traditions have been around for ages, and while there are some truly wonderful ones, we now live in a much more fluid society where it’s ok to be unique and more personal. Welcome to 2018—where there are no rules and you have the freedom to have fun and express your unique love on your wedding day.With that being said, men now have more freedom for attire and even to accessorize on the big day. While we always love a clean sleek black tux, it is also so much fun to see all the different colors, fabrics and accessories guys are choosing for their big day! Adding a hat, suspenders, pops of colors/patterns or a bolo tie is extremely fashionable and can really enhance the outfit. It adds a fun, expressive element to a traditional suit. Why should woman get to have all the fun?!((Montana))Brown Hat + Bolo Tie | Black Hat | Blue Suit + Jewel