How many times have you been to a wedding and the only things you remember are the bride’s dress, how good the food was and how long you danced for? Vows are not typically something the guest’s walk away remembering and talking about well after the wedding is over. Vows are the promises and commitments you are vowing to your spouse to fulfill and keep throughout your marriage, and they are also an opportunity to evoke an emotional response from your family and friends. They require a lot of time and effort to write, as well as deliver! It can be a struggle to find the right words and genuinely express your feelings (while 100 people are silently staring at you). Luckily, there are people out there that specialize in this and would love to help you write your vows! XO Juliet is a company that will hold your hand and work with you to convey exactly what you would like to. Services range from $40 for a perfectly constructed wedding day hashtag, to $600 for fully constructed vows for both spouses (and everything in-between). We have been corresponding with Alexis, the owner of XO Juliet, and have been chatting with her about what she does and how she helps her couples. Right off the bat, Alexis was incredibly sweet, and you could tell she really cares about each and every one of her clients. Alexis really tries to make each vow personal by having her client(s) fill out a detailed questionnaire and even talks to them on the phone or meets with them in person if they are local. She doesn’t simply use the same vows over and over, but actually takes the time to get background on each client and create very personal vows based on each couple’s individuality. She sent sample vows our way, and they were truly wonderful. Bonus, she also helps with toasts and speeches! Whether you’re a bridesmaids, sibling, parent or best man, we’ve all been in a position to give the perfect toast at a wedding…it can be a lot of pressure! Alluring Events has teamed up with XO Juliet to offer her services to our clients! To check out more on XO Juliet click HERE and check in with your fave Alluring planner! Photo: Weddings by Scott and Dana | Vow Book: Shamaras Pretty Things