Cake! Everyone loves it, babies smash it for their first birthday, and a happy couple cuts it at their wedding. However, a lot of couples are starting to stray away from it and coming up with alternatives. One round, sugary, and oh-so-delicious alternative…you guessed it, donuts! Whether it’s a donut wall or delicious artisan donuts on a plate, our guests will be happy! Another cake substitute is pies! For a summer wedding you can have berry and citrus based pies. For a fall or winter wedding you can go with pumpkin and pecan galore! Now if you want to add a little dash of “français” to your special day, then look no further than macaroons. These little guys make anything look classy and cute and can be styled in a way that mocks a cake. Lastly, if you need a way to feed and cool off your guests then an ice cream is the way to go! Either a self serve ice cream bar or ice cream sandwiches are sure to be a hit! Photo Credits: Donuts | Macaroons | Pies | Ice Cream Sundae | Ice Cream | Ice Cream Bar