Hey all my budget bandits, coupon queens,  and super savers! I know wedding planning can be a little overwhelming and get expensive at times, but I do not want you to get discouraged. A wedding on a budget IS possible and I will do my best to show you how.  Having a plan will be one of the top things that will save you not only money but TIME. I like to call it a BUDGET PLANNING SHEET. This sheet will keep you organized and let you know how much is due and when. Also ensuring you do not miss any payment deadlines. Missing Deadlines can void a contract and you do not want to be stuck without a DJ 2 months before the wedding. Trying to find a new one will be close to impossible and paying for a DJ twice would be even worse. So remember, once you start booking your vendors, get your Budget Planning Sheet together and everything will flow a lot more smoothly.

**TIP: put an alert on your phone when a payment is due, just in case you don’t happen to look at your Budget Planning Sheet everyday, especially as the wedding day gets closer and you have a lot on your mind{Laura, Sacramento Wedding Planner}