Imagine for a moment that you’re sitting outside a cafe. The sun warms your face as you sip fresh-squeezed orange juice and ice-cold prosecco. The smell of buttered bread and bacon envelops you.

Sounds pretty good, right? There are few things in life better than brunch. So why not make it a central part of your most special day? Here are a few reasons we think the daytime brunch wedding trend is a real winner.

Scrumptious Food
Still imagining the buttered bread and bacon? No judgment here! Brunch food is delicious, and serving it to your wedding guests will basically ensure they love you forever. Eggs, potatoes, fruit, sausage, toast, benedicts – the menu possibilities are endless and could be served plated or buffet style. Or, think a bit more outside the box and opt for interactive food stations that allow your guests to really customize their meals. We’re talking crepe and omelet stations or maybe waffle, yogurt, and bagel bars with all the fixings. And don’t forget dessert! Doughnuts are always a great choice but it’s also never too early for cake.

Delectable Drinks
Refreshing mimosas, fruity bellinis, and spicy Bloody Mary’s will complement the array of food and put your guests in a celebratory state of mind. And much like the brunch food, these drinks can be served in a variety of ways – mixed by bartenders or customized at self-service stations. Of course, many people require a jolt of caffeine in the morning, so consider hiring a mobile coffee bar with professional baristas and an espresso machine to serve more than the typical drip coffee. A craft coffee bar definitely impresses your guests and serve as a fun reception feature.

A Lower Price Point
By starting your event in the morning or early afternoon, you may be able to cut down on some expenses. Venues that host multiple events per day often charge less for daytime rentals because that time period is not as highly demanded. You’re catering costs will likely be less as well. After all, bacon is considerably cheaper than steak.

Additionally, by hosting your reception during the day, you can skip some decor elements that really add up. For example, with the sun shining, you won’t need to incorporate candles, chandeliers, or uplighting. Shift those expenses to another area of your budget or save the money entirely. Also, even though brunch libations are delicious, people tend to drink a lot less alcohol during the day than they do at night, saving you considerable money.

Colorful, Casual Vibes
If you’re not one for stilettos and black tie, you’ll love the casual vibe that inevitably accompanies a brunch wedding. Laid-back daytime nuptials call for bright, vibrant hues or cheerful pastels. Fruit accents, organic floral arrangements, and seersucker linens are just a few joyful and fresh decorative elements that belong at a brunch wedding.

It’s Different
If you’d like your wedding to be unique and memorable, one that stands out in your guests’ minds for a long time, brunch might be the way to go. Of course, that’s not to say that traditional evening weddings aren’t capable of being different and surprising, because they certainly are. But a simple way to make your wedding distinct from others is to host it a few hours earlier. The early start time on the invitation alone will signal to your guests that they’re in for something special.