I have planned hundreds of events ranging from socials, corporate events, fundraisers, and weddings. Recently I planned my first vow renewal and cannot even begin to explain how wonderful it was to watch a couple recommit their love to one another after 25 years. 

To be completely honest, I am not a hearts and flowers kind of girl, and I am not one who is overly obsessed with romance. I know I know…but I am a wedding planner…how can this be?! Even though I may not be your typical girly girl, there is a moment in every one of my clients’ weddings that touches me. It gives me a glimpse into their love, commitment to each other and their future.  It is so great to watch people embark into this new journey of marriage together.

Although I see people in love get married quite often, I think it is pretty rare to see a couple who has been married for 25 years that are just as in love as they were on their wedding day. The whole vow renewal experience absolutely touched me. At the event several family members and friends had toasts that described the couple’s amazing love for one another. I wanted to share a couple things I heard that I thought were truly special:
”It doesn’t take just love to keep a marriage together, but an unbreakable bond like they have” 

”Thank you for showing me such a wonderful representation of what a strong and happy marriage can look like.”…”We are constantly reminded through them that there is such a thing as soul mates.” So congrats to Denise and Bob…Cheers to another 25 blissful years. Thank you for showing me how to make a marriage work.


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