“There’s Power in Wearing the Real Thing”

Let’s face it – bridesmaids’ dresses haven’t always had the best reputation. So, I say, if the guys get to rent their tuxes, then why can’t the girls rent their dresses? Or, more precisely, why can’t us girls rent designer dresses that are worthy of the red carpet?! That’s where Rent The Runway comes to the rescue!

Rent The Runway is an online service that has designer dresses available to rent! Their tagline, “there’s power in wearing the real thing”, is so true. There’s no denying that their dress inventory is on point. The high quality fabric and intricate designer details make them stand out from the crowd. Your bridesmaids now have the opportunity to wear some of the most gorgeous dresses in the fashion industry. It’s the perfect alternative to spending a pretty penny on a dress you may only wear once.

You can have all your girls in matching dresses or mix it up with different cuts and textures while coordinating colors and adding some sparkle.

Here are a few of my favorite threads!

Kate Spade New York // Rent: $30 // Retail:$798


Kate Spade

Nah Khanh // Rent $70 // Retail $1,115


Nha Khanh

Erin Fetherston // Rent $90 // Retail $355


Erin Fetherston

Herve Leger // Rent $175 // Retail $1,250


Herve Leger

{Lauren, Sacramento Wedding Planner}