In sticking with tradition, the Alluring Events ladies are sharing what they are most grateful for this year. 2019 is wrapping up, and we have so much to be grateful for.I am grateful for Blake and Tom, especially Blake for always keeping me on my toes and loving me unconditionally. I am thankful or the opportunities this industry has presented me with and the relationships I build daily. And I am always grateful for my team of girls who I can count on both personally and professionally. XO AubreyI’m thankful for community – my community encompasses a broad range of people that I couldn’t do life without. I’m thankful for my husband and family that surrounds us, the amazing team of ladies at Alluring Events, and dear friends near and far. Of course, like every year, I’m extremely thankful Christmas is almost here. I’m also really thankful that my fiddle leaf fig has almost survived an entire year. XO LonnieThis holiday season I am so thankful for my family and friends who support me. I’m thankful for my boyfriend Nick who is always my shoulder to cry on and my biggest fan. I’m lucky enough that I have two jobs and work with amazing all female teams. #BossBabes I’m grateful for all of my wonderful couples & their families who have allowed me to be a part of the best day of their lives. I truly have the best job in the world and for that I am so thankful and my heart is so full! XO LexiAs always I am thankful for my family and the ever eventful life we lead. I am thankful for my friends who fill my life with non stop laughs and unconditional support. My Alluring girl gang of amazing women who inspire me everyday and to all my couples who give me the absolute blessing to be a part of their wedding day. And most of all…wine. XO SarahThis year I’m especially grateful for my health and the health of those I love. It’s amazing how life can change in a heartbeat, and this year I hold all my loved ones close.I’m also grateful for having the whole Thanksgiving week to rest, relax and cook! I love the preparation as much as the meal. XO AmyI’m thankful for wonderful family and friends who love, support, mentor, and ground me; my dog who makes me laugh and brightens everyday; and my husband – my best friend who believes in me when I don’t and lovingly pushes me to be the best version of myself. XO MollyThis year I’m thankful for an incredible group of ladies who continue to show a never-ending amount of support for each other and all we do professionally and personally. And jiu jitsu, I’m always thankful for jiu jitsu. XO KelseyWhat a year! This year I am abundantly thankful for my family, my husband, my babies and the tribe who surrounds us! It really does take a village, and our village is full of rockstars. I am grateful for a career that allows me to be a part of the intimate and meaningful moments of other’s lives, the vulnerability and love I witness daily gives me hope and strength. And, despite the sometimes (always) hectic schedule, I truly feel blessed for the gifts we have been given this year and all of the wonderful changes that have taken place. XO Rachele