In honor of Throwback Thursday we thought it would be a little fun to share some of our parents wedding pictures. So, we asked our parents to dig up some wedding photos! Aubrey and I each asked for a couple photos and a little description of our parents’ special days. My parent’s pictures are the two on top and Aubrey’s parent’s are the two on the bottom. My parents were married in 1974 in Riverside California at their local church. Aubrey’s parents were married in 1985 in Sacramento at the Church of Christ and had the reception at a local community center.Both of our parents’ weddings were not big or fancy, neither one had a lot of decorations. After speaking to both our parents, we discovered not a lot of thought was put into wedding decor or themes. As for attire, my mom wore a long sleeve fitted silk dress with a long lace veil.  My dad wore a white tuxedo with black ruffles down the middle with white shoes. Between my moms straight long brown hair parted down the middle and my dad’s long side swept hair and his mustache, they were the epitome of true 70’s style. Fun fact: My grandma made ALL 5 of the bridesmaid’s dresses! Aubrey’s mom wore a 3/4 length sleeve dress with ruffles and a lace hat with attached veil. Her dad wore his formal Air Force service dress.Weddings back then did not have the same attention to detail as they do now. There are so many fun and unique details couples are adding to their wedding to make it as personal as possible. Which of course, the Alluring team loves. Hope you enjoyed our TBT!{Kayleigh}Sacramento Wedding Planner