Wedding day makeup is one of the most important + talked about topics for our brides! After all, your beautiful face will be the star of the ‘show’. Do yourself a favor and listen to the words of our sweet friend Susie, owner of Makeup by Susie, she is truly a gem!

“Hi, it’s me Susie! I’ve been a part of the makeup world for 14+ years, and a part of the wedding community for 8 years, and more to come!

“When should I start looking to book my artist?”….”Will I not look like myself?”…What if it’s too much…you’re not gonna do too much right?”….”When’s the best time to do my preview?”….These are all great questions.. and I’m here to answer them!

When should I book?: The wedding industry is a beautiful community, and we work HARD to make your day amazing and memorable. So long are the days where weddings were just from April-October. We’re now an industry that has exploded into every month of the year! Usually we book out 9-12 months out, the sooner you know your date, the better!

Do your homework: when searching for your artist, check out their Instagram, website, etc. We see so many different faces with so many different requests on type of makeup. Makeup artists can do many different types of makeup, and just because they did your friends makeup differently than what you’d like, doesn’t mean they can’t check your boxes too!  When people have me along for their big day, I feel like I’m more than just some girl showing up to do makeup. You picked ME, amongst all your other amazing artists, as your people. We’re your tribe. We’re now a piece of your memories…and in most cases, part of your photo album.

Have an idea of things you like and dislike: let’s talk about details! Some people LOVE eyeliner and can’t live without it….and for some they hate it because it makes their eyes look smaller. Or maybe you want to see those beautiful freckles on your nose! These are all the things that make you feel like yourself! As much as you are trusting your artist, we aren’t mind readers (although that would be the super power I’d turn on only with my clients) and want to make you feel like the best version of you!

These things are all crucial to make you and your artists relationship and vision connect! Maybe it’s busting out favorite photos from your Instagram of times you felt absolutely beautiful, or that Pinterest board you’ve finally taken off ‘private’ so the world can celebrate your vision (don’t worry, I had one too) details are important!

And lastly…Trust: I can’t say enough how important it is to me that our relationship is built on trust. And that means trusting your artist with the things that are key to making you feel like the best version of you on your biggest day. When people give me feedback on their preview, it shows me they trust me and know how important it is to me!  You chose your artist to be THISCLOSE to your beautiful face on your biggest and greatest day, make sure you tell them things you love and thing you want to change, we’re here for YOU.

Your wedding day will forever be one of the most memorable milestones in your life, and the experience you have is so important. Do it the way you want so that you can look back and remember the way you felt, and you should feel like your most beautiful self.”