While cell phone etiquette is a big YES as a wedding guest, there is no denying that we are smack dab in the middle of a social media revolution. It is no surprise that weddings have found their place on social media in almost every form. From engagement announcements to personalized Snapchat filters, social media can be a great platform to share the journey of one of the biggest moments in your life with friends and family. Wedding hashtags are a rising trend among couples that want to encourage guests to share their celebration in a way that allows all posts to be located with a single click on social media. The best place to start when creating your own wedding hashtag is with your names. You can mash together you and your fiancé’s names and pull a #Bradgelina. Or, you can get clever and do a play on words. Simplicity is key when it comes to wedding hashtags because you want your guests to 1) easily remember it when they go to post and 2) easily find it when they go to search for it. Complicated spelling or wordy hashtags will make your guests less inclined to throw it on the end of their posts. There are also websites available to generate a wedding hashtag for you. At weddinghashtagwall.com you can enter in your names and voila! A list of possible hashtags will appear!

Photo: Carmen Salazar Photography